SoundDome is an acousmatic instrument for specially composed sonic art works, comprising an array of 25-30 speakers in an 8 metre, near-anechoic, geodesic dome.


The SoundDome is an acoustically treated (near anechoic) 8m diameter, 5m-high geodesic dome (49sqM) fitted with 30 loudspeakers, designed specifically as an instrument for 'composing with three-dimensional space.

From 2016-2019 the SoundDome Charitable Trust provided sonic artists with a range of educational and developmental opportunities that supported the practice of sonic arts in New Zealand.

During the three years of its operation, the facility was visited by many visitors both local and international, and a total of 92 minutes of multichannel acousmatic music was produced for the SoundDome by five prominent New Zealand Composers.

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Works Composed for Sound Dome

Available from RATTLE Records

Specially composed SoundDome works are available in a variety of formats from RATTLE Records.