Paul Smith


This work uses sacred geometry and mediating ratios that Paul derived from research into medieval cathedral design, and was composed with a fixed media track to evoke the acoustic properties of a physical cathedral space. The title refers to the human fixation with geometric proportion as a manifestation of the meta-physical, which the ancient Greeks called Logos.


Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a percussionist, composer, film-maker. His music practise explores the potential of electro-acoustic percussion as an emotive form for solo performer. This exploration has extended to taking the role of: the musician interacting with the sound producing object; the instrument maker; and the software developer.

Paul also composes and arranges solo and ensemble music using traditional music notation and has a specific interest in composing for film. Paul was recently awarded a graduate diploma in music at Auckland University.

Paul also practises as a fully qualified architect.

Works Composed for Sound Dome

Available from RATTLE Records

Specially composed SoundDome works are available in a variety of formats from RATTLE Records.